Trump is Furious at Fictional White House Leakers

Trump is Furious at Fictional White House Leakers September 12, 2018

In response to the Woodward book, we once again see Donald Trump taking two contradictory positions: It’s all fake news and Woodward just made up all the negative quotes from people around him — but he’s furious at those people who didn’t say those things and is desperate to find out who they are.

President Donald Trump has called journalist Bob Woodward’s book on his administration a work of “fiction” and a “scam,” claiming that quotes in the book are “made up” and that the author is a “liar.”

At the same time, sources familiar with his thinking said he is livid at his former economic adviser, Gary Cohn, and his former staff secretary, Rob Porter, for “leaking” to Woodward.

It’s difficult to rationally argue that the book could be both: fiction dreamed up by Woodward, and a betrayal by former top stewards of the administration, who shared with the famed journalist alarming details about how the White House functions.

But it’s not hard for Trump, who often spouts two opposing views intended for different audiences. And his supporters often soak up the contradictory claims just as readily as he spits them out, taking it all in stride.

Bingo. Being the leader of a cult of personality conveys enormous power over people. For a sizable percentage of the population, there is literally nothing Trump can say or do what would change their minds. Even when he actively works against their own interests, they will follow him off the cliff like lemmings without a moment’s hesitation. Even when the lies could not be any more obvious or brazen, they will make excuses and rationalize it away.

In fact, for such people, the more Trump is criticized the stronger their support for him gets. It all gets wrapped up in their persecution complexes and his messiah complex, proof that he is under attack by Them (Obama, Soros, Clinton, whomever) and thus must be doing something right. There is nothing that can possibly get through to such people. They inhabit a bubble so impenetrable that it is folly to even try with them.

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