‘Coach’ Dave: God Makes People Gay to Punish Us

‘Coach’ Dave: God Makes People Gay to Punish Us September 14, 2018

Most Christian right bigots argue that God is going to destroy us because we tolerate homosexuality, but “Coach” Dave Daubenmire says that’s true, but that homosexuality itself IS God’s punishment. The line from the Princess Bride comes to mind: “Truly you have a dizzying intellect.”

Daubenmire said that “the devil has seized control of most of our churches” so that they now tolerate homosexuality, which has caused God to wash his hands of this nation and allow his judgment to fall on us.

“Those homos are without excuse,” Daubenmire bellowed, “[but] we give them an excuse. We say, ‘Yeah, well, maybe God did make them that way.’ See folks, that’s the judgment of God … God isn’t going to judge America because of homosexuality, homosexuality is the judgement of God on America.”

So God makes people gay to punish other people for something, then sends those people to hell for being gay? Nice deity you got there, buddy. A moral monster is more like it.

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