Trump Lies in the Face of Criticism. Film at 11.

Trump Lies in the Face of Criticism. Film at 11. September 14, 2018

Hey, stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Donald Trump is legitimately criticized for something and he responds by lashing out at the critics and lying to make himself look better. Of course you’ve heard this one before. It’s practically a daily occurrence. Now he’s doing it on the deaths in Puerto Rico:

And of course, you know that Trump actually read the studies from Harvard and George Washington University and has specific criticisms of the methodology used, right? Of course not. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea what the official estimates of deaths resulting from the hurricane in Puerto Rico are based upon. He doesn’t care what’s true becuase he doesn’t define truth the way the rest of us do. For Trump, if it makes him look good it’s true, by definition. If it makes him look bad, it’s false, by definition. Nothing else matters, only his fragile ego.

The death toll rose because people don’t just die from the immediate hurricane itself, they die from a wide range of things caused by the hurricane. Having no power for months on end means no running water, which means far higher rates of disease transmission. It means lack of access to food and medicine. It means many hospitals are shut down. People continue to die for months afterwards from disease, starvation, and a host of other things. And the longer the power is out, the more people die. That’s why the estimates went from only a handful in the early days to around 3000 now, not because they just counted anyone who died of old age in order to make Trump look bad.

The man is utterly incapable of either telling the truth or accepting responsibility for anything. Everything that makes him look bad is fake news, everything is a conspiracy against him, everything is someone else’s fault.

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