Arizona Has Young Earth Creationist Reviewing Science Curricula

Arizona Has Young Earth Creationist Reviewing Science Curricula September 15, 2018

The Arizona Superintendent of Schools named a young earth creationist to a board tasked with reviewing the curriculum on teaching evolution in biology classes. That board submitted its review, but I’m not sure what’s in it. I do know that no creationist belongs anywhere near a board determining science curricula.

Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas tapped a young-earth creationist to serve last month on a committee tasked with revising the state’s science curriculum standards on evolution.

Joseph Kezele, the president of the Arizona Origin Science Association, is a staunch believer in the idea that enough scientific evidence exists to back up the biblical story of creation. Douglas appointed him to an eight-member special working group at the Arizona Department of Education that completed a final review of the draft evolution teaching standards on August 30.

Kezele teaches biology at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix. He advocates teaching his version of “established, real science” in classrooms…

“I’m not saying to put the Bible into the classroom, although the real science will confirm the Bible,” Kezele told Phoenix New Times in an interview on Wednesday. “Students can draw their own conclusions when they see what the real science actually shows.”

He argued that scientific evidence supports his creationist ideas, including the claims that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs were on board Noah’s Ark.

The Supreme Court ruled three decades ago that teaching creationism in science classrooms is unconstitutional because creationism is nothing more than religious dogma dressed up to sound scientific. Sorry, but the earth is not 6000 years old and Noah’s Ark is a ridiculous myth. Humans and dinosaurs did not live at the same time, not by a longshot. These are absurd lies intended to prop up a literalist reading of Genesis and pretend that it’s backed up by the evidence when the exact opposite is true. He needs to be removed from that committee and the woman who named him to it should be out of a job too.

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