Pat Robertson’s Vile Claims About the Hurricane

Pat Robertson’s Vile Claims About the Hurricane September 16, 2018

Pat Robertson prayed that God would put a “shield of protection” over his area of Virginia so it wouldn’t sustain major damage from Hurricane Florence and is now taking credit for the worst of the hurricane staying to the south and hitting the Carolinas the hardest. That proves how powerful his prayers are and how wonderful God is, he says.

“We asked the Lord to take it out of here and he did,” Robertson crowed. “It’s like a shield that God has put around us.”

“God’s people prayed,” he added. “This is a miracle, ladies and gentlemen.”

“We’ve had a hand of protection over this area,” Robertson said, “and when we pray, God does miracles.”

So you think your God intervened to keep you safe specifically, but let the hurricane hit another area with devastating results? And you think this shows how wonderful this God is? Then you’re a morally bankrupt moron. Was no one in the Carolinas praying that the hurricane wouldn’t hit there? I bet millions and millions of people from those states were praying that the hurricane wouldn’t hit there. Why didn’t God answer their prayers? Does God just like you better than them? Does God just really love con artists like you? Did they forget to say the magic words?

A million people are without power. Whole cities have been virtually destroyed by flooding from the hurricane. Many people are dead. And you think that God is worthy of praise because he intervened to make sure that would happen as long as it didn’t hurt you at all? That is utterly perverse and immoral.

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