Betsy DeVos Ducks Into the Punch

Betsy DeVos Ducks Into the Punch September 18, 2018

Betsy DeVos is a horrible human being and manifestly unqualified to be the Secretary of Education, an agency she is actively trying to undermine as part of her anti-public school agenda that she has advocated for decades here in Michigan. And boy did she duck right into the punch with this claim:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Monday encouraged students to engage others with respect and not to “be nasty” while hiding behind Twitter handles, leading one student to wonder why her boss, President Donald Trump, doesn’t appear to abide by those rules.

That’s just the first layer of hypocrisy. The second:

Part of the problem, she said, is that as a nation “we have abandoned truth,” and it’s now often seen as a personal point of view.

“Learning is about thinking, reasoned argument and discovering facts,” she said. “If there is no objective truth, then there is no real learning.”

Jesus H. Christ on a polo stick, you work for Donald Trump, the most shameless, pathological liar this country has probably ever seen. His own spokespeople and attorney have attacked the very idea of objective truth repeatedly over the last couple years. And you still support him while pretending to be upset about the nation abandoning truth. Give me a freaking break.

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