Conway’s Husband Hammers Trump for Inane Comparison

Conway’s Husband Hammers Trump for Inane Comparison September 18, 2018

George Conway, husband of Baghdad Kellyanne Conway and someone initially considered for the job of Solicitor General under Trump, is once again publicly slamming Trump. After Trump brought up the ancient blooper of Obama mistakenly saying he had campaigned in 57 states, Conway pointed out the obvious difference between that and Trump’s constant lies.

Trump is also just wrong about there being “very little mention” of Obama’s gaffe in the media. It was widely covered. It just wasn’t a big deal and only those desperately motivated to beat him in the campaign were making a mountain of that molehill. And then there’s this little tidbit I hadn’t heard before:

A Washington Post feature last month about the couple quoted Kellyanne Conway as saying that her husband’s tweets were “disrespectful” and “a violation of basic decency, certainly, if not marital vows.” She demanded that she be quoted as an anonymous source, but the newspaper refused.

Trying to attack your own husband anonymously? That’s gotta cause some friction at home. At least he’s being completely up front in his criticism of her boss, and his criticisms have been entirely accurate and justified.

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