Wingnut: McCain Was Executed by Secret Trump Military Tribunal

Wingnut: McCain Was Executed by Secret Trump Military Tribunal September 18, 2018

Firefighter turned Christian con man Mark Taylor just slides into the abyss of wingnuttia with every day that passes. Now he’s claiming that John McCain didn’t die of cancer but was executed by a secret military tribunal that Trump will also use on Clinton, Obama and everyone involved in that mythical global pedophile ring that the conspiracy crackpots have invented in their heads (why not, there’s plenty of room in there).

We both know that John McCain was executed under military tribunals,” Taylor told the host. “Which is another reason why Judge Kavanaugh, they’re screaming so loud. They’re trying to disguise it that it’s abortion that they’re worried about; that’s not what they’re worried about. They want a solid 5-4 vote for military tribunals … It’s the military tribunals [they’re worried about] because they know it’s going to cost them lives and they’re going to be executed.”…

“When you watched John McCain’s funeral and you saw the entire cabal right there in one spot,” Taylor said, “these people weren’t smiling. They knew John McCain was a prophetic marker in time that we have moved from judgment to justice is now being served. Period. And they know it and they know that if they don’t do something to stop this, they’re next. John McCain was the number three guy—you’ve got Barack Obama being number one, Hillary Clinton being number two, and John McCain being number three. So if they can take down the head of ISIS, John McCain, the number three guy out of all of this, they know they’re next. That’s why they’re scared to death, that’s why they’re screaming.”

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this kind of thing other than WTF. What else is there? This man is living on another planet, inhabiting a reality that does not exist here. Or he’s just making it up because he knows his followers will do it and send him money. Either way, claims like this are just plain whacked.

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