Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Hovind’s Back. Laugh Your Butt Off.

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Hovind’s Back. Laugh Your Butt Off. September 20, 2018

My old friend Kent Hovind has established a new Dinosaur Adventure Land. Not in Pensacola, Florida like the old one, but in a town in Alabama so tiny Rand and McNally got 20 miles from there and turned back before they fell off the edge. gives him plenty of time to spout his idiotic nonsense.

He opened Dinosaur Adventure Land a few months ago in Lenox, Ala., population 37. It’s located on a red dirt road deep in Conecuh County, less than two hours from the Florida state line.

It’s part science center, part campground, part four-wheeler park, part evangelical church. You enter at your own risk because there’s no liability insurance. Everyone is welcome, and admission is free. They do Baptisms in the pond.

Yes, it’s been called a cult. For Hovind and his supporters, it’s a ministry. To his detractors, it’s a dinosaur-themed tax shelter.

One thing is certain: It’s a fresh start for a man with a colorful past who’s building a new home in Alabama…

Take, for example, the dinosaurs, and the scientific fact that many reptiles don’t stop growing during their lifespan.

“It’s very simple,” he said. “Before the flood came, in the days of Noah, the Bible says that people lived to be 900 years old. Genesis Chapter 5 tells us that. Well, I taught biology and reptiles never stop growing. What would happen to a reptile if he could live to be 900? That’s the dinosaurs. No big mystery.

“So the devil, I think, is using the dinosaurs to teach boys and girls the earth is millions of years old, and it’s propaganda. It’s not true at all.”

Ah, the devil. Most convenient boogeyman ever, the perfect excuse for dismissing any and all evidence so you can continue to maintain your patently ridiculous beliefs about the world. More than 20 years ago I was scheduled to debate Hovind, but at the last minute he withdrew and debated a professor from Wayne State University that night instead. When I used to answer emails to the TalkOrigins archive, at least 3 or 4 times a month someone would write in with some variation of “If you’re so smart, why haven’t you taken Kent Hovind up on his $250,000 challenge to prove evolution.” That people that stupid exist in this world explains not only Hovind, but Donald Trump as well.

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