And Here Come the Real Conspiracy Theories About Christine Blasey Ford

And Here Come the Real Conspiracy Theories About Christine Blasey Ford September 25, 2018

The “mainstream” conspiracy theory being pushed by so many conservatives about Christine Blasey Ford — that she made up the whole thing as part of a plot to destroy Kavanaugh — are moronic enough, but you knew the denizens of the wingnutosphere were going to go much further than that. That’s your cue, Dave Janda:

Janda regularly relies on his unnamed “sources” to bolster the unsubstantiated claims that he puts forth and did so repeatedly on Hunter’s program last week, asserting that Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is a CIA asset, that classified text messages from FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page contained violent threats against President Trump, that military tribunals are already operational against those who have been working to undermine Trump, and that Barack Obama personally met with Trump in an effort to “cut a deal” in order to avoid prosecution.

“Two of my sources has said, ‘Yes, this is correct,’” Janda asserted. “There is this information out there that [Blasey Ford] has worked as a CIA contractor in the past and possibly even in the present [and] reportedly was involved in the mind control program.”…

“I have been told that military tribunals are not just going to happen, they have been in place and they have been operational, is the word I was told,” Janda claimed at another point in the interview. “And what I was also told is that this declassification will ultimately lead to the Attorney General Jeff Session to—at least on a partial basis, if not a complete basis—to unrecuse himself.”

“I have one source that told me that Obama had reached out to Trump about a meeting and that the meeting did not go well for Obama,” Janda also asserted. “It was my understanding that Obama had reached out to Trump, this is what I was told, and was trying to … cut a deal and that Trump is firmly in the camp of the restitution of the rule of law, no matter who it involves.”

Those sources, of course, are the voices in his head. Let’s start a pool — who will be the first Christian con man to claim that Blasey Ford is possessed by demons? Gordon Klingenschmitt and Jim Bakker seem the most likely candidates to me.

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