‘Prophets’ Hold Prayer Call Against Forces of Evil Trying to Stop Kavanaugh

‘Prophets’ Hold Prayer Call Against Forces of Evil Trying to Stop Kavanaugh October 1, 2018

The merry band of morons from POTUS Shield held one of their regular calls last week. Think of it as a kind of Lollapalooza of stupidity held over the telephone, featuring all manner of self-declared “prophets” like Frank Amedia and Cindy Jacobs ranting incoherently about the Jezebel spirits and the Wicked Witch (Hillary Clinton, of course) trying to bring down God’s chosen one, Donald Trump.

On the hour-long call, which Amedia said attracted “thousands” of people, he declared that “Satan himself,” the “commander-in-chief of the evil kingdom,” is orchestrating the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. “It’s evil against good,” he said, with the survival of the nation at stake.

It tells you pretty much all you need to know about these people that the “evil” people in this formulation are the ones who oppose the “good” Donald Trump, an admitted sexual predator and assaulter. But since these people believe in the Bible, which treats women as little more than chattel slaves, this isn’t exactly surprising.

“We are not wishy-washy Christians,” Amedia said. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, “needs healing and deliverance,” he said, but she deserves no pity because “she is a false witness.” All of the witnesses against Kavanaugh, he said, are false.

“Last night the Lord had me praying multiple times that [attorney Michael] Avenatti would step in his own snare, and in his own trap, and he would spew and eat his own vomit,” said Amedia.

Next up was Cindy Jacobs, who said her “prayer generals” are currently gathered at her Dallas “prayer mountain.” She said she has been surprised at the number of young people having dreams, including one which featured a monster with blood dripping out of its mouth over the Supreme Court. Jacobs identified the monster as Moloch, an ancient God associated in the Bible with child sacrifice.

Are you sure it wasn’t just dripping sauce from your bottomless bowl of spaghetti from its mouth? Just checking.

Amedia asked someone he referred to as “Prophet Patty” to lead a prayer on the points Boykin made. She prayed that God would remove the protection around Mueller that, she said, “is coming from a hierarchy and from a principality,” and prayed that God would “strip him of his power.”

“We thank you that this witch hunt is over,” she prayed. “We bind every form of witchcraft, every sorcery spirit, every powerful force that would try, of spiritual wickedness in high places. … We hold this shield up, we clean out the deep state, and we call for this thing to come to an end, in Jesus’ name.”

I’m sure that will be just as effective as all those prayers to turn back hurricanes and droughts and volcanic eruptions. These people actually believe this crap, for crying out loud. Of course, there’s a long list of incredibly dumb things that they believe, so what’s one more thing?

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