Wingnuts: Ford Hypnotized Herself to Create False Memory About Kavanaugh!

Wingnuts: Ford Hypnotized Herself to Create False Memory About Kavanaugh! October 2, 2018

The depths of stupidity among far-right conspiracy nuts simply knows no limits. The latest bit of idiocy being pushed by a writer at The Federalist is that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford hypnotized herself to create false memories of the attempted rape she has accused Brett Kavanaugh of.

The Federalist then published an article about it. One of the authors of the study calls this a blatant misuse of its findings.

Reached for comment, one of the study’s co-authors, who is being granted anonymity because of harassment and threats surrounding Ford’s decision to speak out, told Media Matters that the claims being spread about Ford and the study are “absolutely ridiculous” and “the study had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of false memories, or the creation of memories of any kind.” The co-author added that Ford was a statistical consultant on the report, not a participant in the study, and that she worked on the data after it was collected.

But why let facts get in the way of a necessity-driven conspiracy theory offered with no evidence whatsoever? Next they’ll be telling us that there is no Christine Blasey Ford, that she never existed and is a crisis actor hired by the Illuminati. Whatever it takes to dismiss her claims, amirite?

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