Mark Taylor’s Latest Cockamamie Conspiracy Theory

Mark Taylor’s Latest Cockamamie Conspiracy Theory October 3, 2018

Firefighter turned con artist and crackpot Mark Taylor last week told us that Donald Trump used secret weather control technology to downgrade Hurricane Florence, preventing it from doing worse damage. Now he’s claiming the opposite, that the bad guys created the hurricane with HAARP to bury evidence of voter fraud.

Taylor, who has repeatedly asserted that the Illuminati creates and controls hurricanes, said that Florence was conjured up to try and destroy records after the North Carolina board of elections was ordered to turn over years of voter records to the federal government as part of an investigation.

“I saw where North Carolina had done the voter fraud stuff for the machines, for this, that, and the other; they had caught it or something like that and they were going after it,” Taylor said. “I said, ‘Oh boy.’ Sure enough, there is was; here comes the hurricane. Bigger than life, there is was. And I just found out, literally, though another source of mine, contact this morning, sure enough, they said it was in fact made by man and generated by the HAARP system, basically, and it was meant to try and flood North Carolina and flood out the evidence of what was going on with the voter fraud.”

Wait, so does Trump control the weather or does the Illuminati? Contradictions like this matter to rational people, of course, but to people like Taylor and those who follow him, they can rationalize away anything. And by the way, the investigation into voter fraud in North Carolina already concluded. A federal grand jury there found less than 50 possible cases of voter fraud out of some 6.5 million votes cast in that state. That case is already closed, so there was no evidence to be buried. But facts simply do not matter to people like Taylor. Only what is retrieved from one’s rectum can be relied upon.

Did I mention that Liberty University made a movie about this guy and it’s being released this week? Such a surprise.

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