When Lindsey Graham Thought Perjuring Judges Should Be Impeached

When Lindsey Graham Thought Perjuring Judges Should Be Impeached October 3, 2018

Lindsey Graham’s pledge that he would support Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court no matter what, even if he knew all the allegations against him were true, has brought attention to this old video of him when he was in the House declaring that any judge who perjured themselves should be impeached.

Copyright: Jonathan Roland https://www.flickr.com/photos/110671496@N06/30953338733

In 1999, then-Congressman Graham argued on the House floor that judges who are perjurers deserved to be impeached.

“I have argued to you that when you found that a judge was a perjurer, you couldn’t in good conscience send him back in a courtroom because everybody that came in that courtroom thereafter would have a real serious doubt,” Graham said at the time.

There can be no more reasonable doubt that, even if he didn’t try to rape anyone, he perjured himself during his testimony last week. Not that Graham cares, of course. This situation is totally different — for magic, special, lucky reasons not worth mentioning, of course.

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