Guandolo: Kavanaugh Opposition Guilty of Treason

Guandolo: Kavanaugh Opposition Guilty of Treason October 4, 2018

From the You Have No Idea What Treason Means Department — which has been really busy over the last couple years as both right and left have tossed that accusation at almost everyone they disagree with — we have disgraced former FBI agent and professional Islamophobe John Guandolo saying that those who oppose Brett Kavanaugh are “enemies of the United States.”

“These are not simply—quote—political objections,” he said. “People that support these movement—to include the national Democrat [sic] Party—they don’t simply have a—quote—alternate political perspective; these are hostile enemies of the United States working to overthrow the government and they need to be treated as such.”

Guandolo declared that Republicans “are wrong” when they assert that Democrats simply hold different political views—and that GOP leaders are guilty of “aiding and abetting enemies of the state” when they say such things.

“The people protesting and disrupting the hearings are not simply American citizens who have a differing political opinion,” he said. “They are paid by hostile entities that seek to bring down and are conspiring to overthrow the government in violation of federal law and they need to be addressed as such. They’re enemies in a war that our Republican leadership is not addressing.”

It’s certainly no surprise that Guandolo would defend Kavanaugh. He has his own problems with sexual misconduct, having been fired by the FBI for having sex with a witness he was supposed to be protecting. So now he makes a living as a professional wingnut, spreading tall tales about Muslims being on the verge of taking over the country and all manner of other nonsense. You’d think an FBI agent would know what the law actually says, and he probably does, but he has a narrative to sell to the mindless rubes who follow him and he knows they certainly won’t catch him lying about it.

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