Bernstein: Blasey Ford a ‘Sexual Predator’

Bernstein: Blasey Ford a ‘Sexual Predator’ October 5, 2018

There’s an old adage about effective propaganda that says you should accuse your opponents of your own worst sins. This is a lesson the right learned long ago. Josh Bernstein takes this to its irrational, delusional conclusion by claiming that Christine Blasey Ford was the “aggressor” in her encounter with Brett Kavanaugh and that she is the one who is a “sexual predator.”

After baselessly claiming last week that Blasey Ford was “the aggressor” in any encounter she may have had with Kavanaugh, Bernstein ramped up his attacks on her by declaring that she is a “sexual predator.”

“It sounds like a jilted lover,” Bernstein said. “It sounded like somebody that liked him but he was more interested in getting into Yale and keeping a clean profile and doing what he was supposed to do and she was probably the sexual predator.”

“I don’t believe, as many Republicans and conservatives say … that something happened to her,” Bernstein later said. “No. Nothing ever happened to her in her entire life. She’s never had anything done to her and if anything, she and her Holton Arms sexual culture were predatory against the boys at Georgetown Prep … People need to wake up and see that facts and the truth, because the truth is that her and her friends at that disgusting Holton Arms all-girls school was nothing but a sorority of sexual predators.”

I know I’ve said this many times before, but this kind of stupidity really should be physically painful. Not only is it not, people are often rewarded for it, especially in the wingnutosphere, where no extreme is ever too extreme. There is no bottom and there never will be. And we’re supposed to heed calls for civility with such people? We’re supposed to just respectfully engage in dialogue with them? Not a chance in hell. They are vile, malevolent people for whom virtually no punishment would be enough.

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