Wiles: Ford Brainwashing Triggered by the Word ‘Lodestar’

Wiles: Ford Brainwashing Triggered by the Word ‘Lodestar’ October 5, 2018

Not only does Rick Wiles think that Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was brainwashed by the CIA to install false memories of the attempted rape that never happened, he thinks he knows exactly how they triggered those false memories and make her come forward to make the accusation.

“With mind-control, you have to have a trigger mechanism,” Wiles said. “It’s a word, a phrase, that triggers the hypnotic state so that whatever was planted in the mind of a person through hypnosis is triggered when they heard a trigger word … Maybe ‘lodestar’ is what triggered Dr. Ford and these other women to come forward with these wild, crazy accusations.”

“What happened today?” he continued. “Charles Schumer sticks the word ‘lodestar’ into a speech on the floor of the Senate. So, if we’re right, then in the next day or two, there is going to be a new flurry of accusations, there is going to be something bizarre coming out; something really bizarre is going to happen.”

So let me see if I have this straight. At some point many, many years ago (we know she told this story to her therapist in 2012, so at least that long ago), the CIA apparently kidnapped Ford and planted these false memories in her mind. And no one noticed that she was missing. And all of this was done on the off-chance that someday Kavanaugh might get nominated to the Supreme Court so they could plant the word “lodestar” somewhere and trigger her to come forward and recount these false memories that they planted. Because the CIA cares who is on the Supreme Court? Because they don’t like Kavanaugh? Oh, I’m sure it’s just because they love killing babies or something.

Did they do this only with Kavanaugh? Why not with Gorsuch? Are there dozens of people out there who have false memories planted, waiting to be triggered, about other potential nominees for the court? I mean, the list of potential nominees is pretty long. Hell, maybe I’m one of them and I just haven’t been triggered yet. Maybe the CIA kidnapped me at some point and planted false memories in my head about Amy Barrett Comey. If she ends up getting nominated someday, don’t be shocked if I accuse her of raping me. I guess. I bet my trigger word is “Celine Dion.”

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