Beck Uses Kavanaugh Confirmation to Pimp his Gold Sponsor

Beck Uses Kavanaugh Confirmation to Pimp his Gold Sponsor October 8, 2018

If there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of when listening to right-wing crank radio, it’s ads for buying gold and survival supplies. This is why they’re always pushing dystopic scenarios, to help sell people on those things. Glenn Beck’s major sponsor is Goldline and he wasted no time in using the Kavanaugh confirmation to pimp their services, along with his guest, professional liar David Barton.

As Beck and Barton see it, if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives, they will demand access to President Trump’s tax returns, which the White House will resist. That will then lead to a showdown in the Supreme Court, which will cause Democrats to seek to impeach Kavanaugh, which “will put two branches of the government into disarray.”

“That’s certain,” Beck warned. “This is what’s coming. Now how good is that for the economy? How good is that? What do you think is going to happen for the next two years if we have Democrats in the House—God forbid, Democrats in the House and the Senate?”

“If you don’t think that we are at, as David’s book calls it, a precarious moment, you’re mistaken,” Beck said. “866-Goldline.”

Yeah, you just need that and some of Jim Bakker’s crappy day glo mac and cheese buckets and you’ll be good to go. But wait, wouldn’t a good Christian rely on God to provide? After all, he gave manna to the Israelites, didn’t he? Does he love them less than he did Moses and his posse? Why wouldn’t he protect and provide for them? Oh wait, I think I know — because God doesn’t pay for 60 second ads on their programs.

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