Jackson: Wizards, Warlocks, Demons Responsible for Kavanaugh Opposition

Jackson: Wizards, Warlocks, Demons Responsible for Kavanaugh Opposition October 8, 2018

And here we have yet another wingnut who is either delusional or a con artist — I neither know nor care which — claiming that the battle over the Kavanaugh nomination is a battle of good vs evil, God vs Satan, with “wizards” and “warlocks” and “demons” leading the opposition to his confirmation. This time it’s Bishop Harry Jackson.

What’s happening in D.C. is very unusual,” Jackson said. “It’s the worst dimension of warfare we’ve ever seen and I believe that God has drawn a line in the sand and he wants to restore and renew America, but the spiritual forces that be want to thwart that. So, the Kavanaugh hearings have become a circus because darkness has decided—or demonic forces—that they’re going to try to block him from being in office.”…

“Hell is letting us know that it’s not pleased,” he added. “In the earth realm, heaven’s forces manifested through individuals and Satan’s darkness manifested through individuals rule the day. So the gatekeepers in the spirit realm have to be human; in other words, wizards, warlocks, demonically-inspired people, people with a Jezebel spirit in the Capitol Hill who are setting laws, all of these things, they are like gates. The Bible says, ‘The gates of hell will not prevail against the church.’ Well, the gates and the gatekeepers, in a sense, are humans who are demonically-influenced.”

Yeah, because it’s just so hard to believe that actual human beings, thinking on their own, could possibly oppose the nomination of a guy who committed sexual assault and then blatantly lied under oath. No, the only possible reason why anyone could be opposed to Kavanaugh is because “wizards” and “warlocks” (whatever the hell those things are) and “demons” are controlling their minds at the behest of a celestial bad guy that doesn’t actually exist. William of Ockham to the white courtesy phone, please.

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