Awww. Taylor Swift Done Made the Nazis Mad.

Awww. Taylor Swift Done Made the Nazis Mad. October 9, 2018

Taylor Swift got political for the first time the other day on Instagram, posting a very reasoned and articulate note condemning Republicans and endorsing Democrats in her home state of Tennessee and expressing her support for social justice, fighting against racism, sexism and homophobia. And the neo-Nazis who treated her like some sort of Aryan goddess are losing their minds over it.

Swift’s endorsement provoked anger and disappointment for white supremacists on 4chan, who have created a bizarre fandom around Swift as the ideal white conservative woman. In a 4chan thread about the endorsement, 4chan posters bemoaned the loss of their pop idol, calling her “traitorous.” One user posted an image of a picture of Swift burning, while another added a meme saying the Bredesen endorsement had cost him his “last additional bit of hope.”

“It was good while it lasted, mates,” one 4chan user wrote.

And more examples from 4Chan:

“Yeah I guess she didn’t learn a god damn thing,” wrote another poster. “Like most brainwashed White liberal women, but there are good White women who don’t stab their own kind in the back. Swift will get her just reward from her dindu friends, only a matter of time.”

“Stupid b*tch doesn’t respect the Trump curse,” wrote another. “She has to learn the hard way.”

One particularly bitter 4Chan user even went so far as to predict that Swift would “die of a stroke” this month as divine retribution for her betrayal.

I’ve never been a Taylor Swift fan. Other than Shake It Off, I doubt I could recognize a single song of hers. But if she’s making the Nazis mad and endorsing the fight against bigotry, count me as a new fan, of her politics if not her music.


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