Greg Gutfeld: Politically Convenient Mind Reader

Greg Gutfeld: Politically Convenient Mind Reader October 9, 2018

Greg Gutfeld apparently can now add mind reader to a resume that already includes “ignorant jerk” and “annoying git.” In response to Taylor Swift’s first-ever political statements, in opposition to bigotry and discrimination in all forms, he dismisses her as merely “virtue signaling” while saying Kanye West’s recent bizarre political diatribes are him merely speaking truth.

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): There’s a big difference between these political statements by Taylor Swift and Kanye. Taylor Swift was a virtue signal to try to preserve her reputation among her peers. And I don’t blame her for that because, you know, she needs to maintain her relevancy even though she’s filthy rich. Kanye’s the opposite of Taylor Swift in that he’s stepping away to speak what he believes to be a truth. He may be right, he may be wrong but it’s the truth that his peers hate. And that’s dangerous and it’s brave. So what Taylor is doing is the opposite of bravery. It’s now cowardice but it’s not brave. Whereas Kanye’s a symbol of a greater act of sacrifice, the willingness to expend his career and his capital to challenge, again, he is challenging the mob. And they don’t call him Yeezus for nothing. So here you have exactly the response. Where some comic from SNL is calling him a jackass because he’s willing to take the risk.

He presents not one iota of evidence for either of those claims, of course. His thinking goes no deeper than “I disagree with her so she must be insincere and I agree with him so he’s merely speaking the truth.” And this whole notion of virtue signaling is a trope that needs to die in a fire. If saying you oppose racism, sexism and homophobia is virtue signaling, what is criticizing those who oppose those things? The obvious answer: Lack-of-virtue signaling. This is nothing more than a tired platitude used to dismiss someone’s opinions without ever having to bother engaging them. It’s the zenith of intellectual laziness, which, to be fair, is about all a clueless dolt like Gutfeld can muster up.


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