Kat Kerr: Aborted Fetuses Threw Party in Heaven Over Kavanaugh Confirmation

Kat Kerr: Aborted Fetuses Threw Party in Heaven Over Kavanaugh Confirmation October 11, 2018

Kat Kerr, the Christian con artist who falsely claims she can pray away every natural disaster (despite every attempt failing badly), says that when Kavanaugh was confirmed, God gave her a vision of all the aborted fetuses in heaven throwing a party because that means that Roe v Wade will be overturned.

“God picked [Kavanaugh] like he picked Trump and he kept telling me, ‘I don’t care what they say, he is sitting on the Supreme Court and he is going to wipe out Roe v. Wade,’” Kerr said. “He kept showing me, letting me see all of these millions of babies who had been aborted that are in heaven, they sang and celebrated. They celebrated as they were saying, ‘Yes, he is going to sit on the Supreme Court.’”

“Today, they had a party in heaven,” Kerr added, “and they celebrated that other babies being conceived in the womb one day will never have to fear their lives being taken and they’ll get to complete their destiny on this earth. So there was a big party in heaven today because of that.”

“There is now God in the White House, because he’s welcomed and allowed to be there,” she continued. “And he said, ‘Now, I have permission to be in the Supreme Court’—because of Kavanaugh, as a believer siting on the bench in the Supreme Court—he said, ‘Now, I have the right to speak into the court system and because of that, I have assigned three special ops angels [to protect Kavanaugh].’”

Special ops angels? Okay, that literally made me laugh out loud. Apparently she gives orders to the Seventh Seal Team Six. You know, God gave me a vision of this party too. Millions of fetuses all hopped up on vodka and similac, jamming to Amy Grant’s Baby Baby and Peter Frampton’s Baby I Love Your Way. But wait…if all those fetuses went straight to heaven, the most glorious place in the universe where there is nothing but pure joy, why would they be unhappy about being aborted? They were saved the trauma of hearing Oasis on the radio. They got to avoid getting cancer and other horrible diseases. They never once had to see someone wearing bell bottom jeans. They should be thrilled!

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