Republicans Push Narrative of Dangerous Democratic ‘Mobs’

Republicans Push Narrative of Dangerous Democratic ‘Mobs’ October 11, 2018

Trump and the Republicans are feverishly pushing this narrative that anti-Kavanaugh protesters are a “leftist mob” that is dangerous and violent. Tucker Carlson went so far as to compare them to the Hutus in Rwanda. Here’s a video of this narrative being pushed relentlessly and angrily:

But as usual, every accusation by Trump and his sycophants is really a confession. It’s Trump fans who have beaten up protesters are campaign rallies, which his approval. It’s Trump fans who are threatening to open fire in the Boston Globe newsroom. It’s Trump fans who have said they were going to kill anti-Kavanaugh protesters and expected to die in a fight with police. It’s Trump fans who have run over and killed a protester. Yes, occasionally a liberal does the same thing, like that Minnesota woman who tweeted that someone should kill Kavanaugh, but this has been a persistent problem on the right since Trump started running for office. And he’s encouraged it.

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