Fox Guest Whitewashes Saudi Prince’s Crimes

Fox Guest Whitewashes Saudi Prince’s Crimes October 12, 2018

As usual, Fox News brought on a guest who endorsed everything Trump endorses even if he has to wildly distort reality to make his argument. Jack Keane went on Fox to proclaim Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman a great liberal reformer, opening up Saudi society for feminism and human rights.

JACK KEANE (FOX NEWS SENIOR STRATEGIC ANALYST): First of all, we’ve got to wait until we get the facts, and we have to recognize that the players here have some tension between each other. I’m talking about Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and obviously just identified the recent tension we have with Turkey over our pastor [Andrew Brunson]. So, we got to get the full investigation completed and understand if Saudi Arabia has complicity here.

If they do, then this is a serious problem because the Trump administration has just renewed the relationship these last 18 months with the Sunni Arabs writ large, and specifically with Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia. Remember, for the last eight years, we’ve had a closer relationship trying to work on a nuclear deal with the Iranians than we did with our Sunni Arab friends. And, in their minds, we abandoned them, and I think there’s some justification and ample evidence of that.

So, the other thing that’s in the room here is that the new leadership, Mohammad Bin Salman, who’s the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, destined to be the king, is on a transformational path that no one has seen in the Middle East in terms of its positive goals in changing that society. From a very restrictive society, far-right ideological base for their religious interpretation of the Quran called, “Wahhabism,” loosening up all the social and cultural mores for women and others, and putting people to work and getting them off the dole. These are all positive things that he’s been applauded for by his peers in the region and also by the United States. If this investigation reveals some degree of complicity by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leadership, it will absolutely undermine not only our relationship with them, but his ability to accomplish these goals.

Oh, how is he a liberal reformer? Let us count the ways. When he took over in 2017, he rounded up dozens of dissidents, political activists, journalists and reform advocates, including most of the nation’s prominent advocates of women’s rights. Such a liberal reformer! And he rounded up dozens of other princes and extorted them out of billions of dollars, threatening to keep them in prison forever. And because he controlled the military, there was little they could do. Such a liberal reformer! Oh, he’s pretended to be one. He’s talked about wanting a moderate Islam. But all he’s really done is consolidate his power over a multi-trillion dollar empire in the most brutal way he could.

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