O’Reilly: Kavanaugh Protesters Just Like Nazis in Germany

O’Reilly: Kavanaugh Protesters Just Like Nazis in Germany October 12, 2018

Bill O’Reilly may have been fired by Fox News after having to pay out tens of millions of dollars in sexual harassment suits, but he’s welcome any time on Sean Hannity’s show because he’ll slavishly support Trump. Especially when it involves sexual assault. He says the Kavanaugh protesters are just like the Nazis in the 30s.

BILL O’REILLY (GUEST): There’s more to it though. The new element in this, that you and I didn’t have to deal with in the first twenty years we were both on the Fox News channel, is that the press, the media, which has always been left, has now allied itself with the hard progressive left. They’re in it together. That’s new. And then you add in the millions of dollars going into groups like MoveOn, Media Matters, Color of Change, you know the groups. Millions of dollars are flowing into those groups, and their only mandate is to destroy people with whom they disagree. This Kavanaugh thing was not accidental and it wasn’t caused by one woman stepping forth. This was an organized thing, that if they couldn’t get him before the confirmation on merit, they’re going to destroy him personally.


If you look back into 1930, to 1936, this is very similar to what happened in Germany. Good people in Germany, good Germans, looked away. They did not confront the evil that was coming at them. And I put forth to you and America, we have a lot of evil coming at us right now and I don’t know how many people are looking away.

Yes, yes, it’s just like that. Yes, there are some evil things going on, like attacking and silencing and savaging rape victims. I’m sure O’Reilly likes the idea of silencing women who accuse men of misconduct. After all, he did that himself with many, many women. And Hannity would be totally opposed to that if it involved a Democrat, but if it’s Trump, he’s all for it. Lick those boots, Sean.

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