Taylor: California Wildfires Caused by Chemtrails to Prevent Republican Takeover

Taylor: California Wildfires Caused by Chemtrails to Prevent Republican Takeover October 12, 2018

Firefighter turned “prophet” and con artist Mark Taylor believes two incredibly stupid things about the California wildfires. The first is that they were caused by chemtrails. The second is that this was done because California is on the verge of turning red and voting for Republicans to take over the country. I’m not sure which one is more idiotic.

“California’s got probably some of the most experienced brush firefighters in the world and these guys were saying that these fires were exploding and they couldn’t control them,” Taylor said. “There’s a reason why that’s happening, brother … The reason these fires are so hot out there right now and so great right now when these things burn is because they are not fighting a Class A fire—which is wood and paper products—they’re fighting a Class D fire, a metal fire.”

“Why is that?” Taylor asked, rhetorically. “It’s because they’re spraying the atmosphere with the chemtrails with aluminum oxide. Aluminum burns at 1200 degrees. The foliage is saturated with this stuff and when it burns, you’re not going to stop it and this is the reason why. They’ve weaponized—again, the depopulation, trying to make people sick, and trying to kill people off—this is their way of retaliating because, I believe, California is fixing to go red, brother.”

There aren’t enough heads or desks in all of existence.

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