Saudi Arabia Banned Khashoggi for Criticizing Trump

Saudi Arabia Banned Khashoggi for Criticizing Trump October 13, 2018

Well this is certainly interesting. Back in 2016, Jamal Khashoggi, who by all indications was murdered by Trump and Kushner’s buddy Mohammad bin Salman at the Saudi embassy in Turkey, was banned from writing for any newspaper in Saudi Arabia because he wrote something critical of Donald Trump. Until then, he had a weekly column in a Saudi paper.

A Saudi Arabian journalist and commentator has been banned by his country for criticising US President-elect Donald Trump.

Jamal Khashoggi has been banned from writing in newspapers, making TV appearances and attending conferences, Middle East Eye reports.

After Mr Khashoggi criticised Mr Trump’s Middle East policies at a Washington think-tank on 10 November, an official Saudi spokesman said he did not represent the Kingdom in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency.

Khashoggi was already a permanent resident of the United States at that point and was a contributor to the Washington Post and other news outlets and think tanks. This may explain why the notoriously thin-skinned and autocratic Trump doesn’t seem to care a bit about the Saudi government murdering him. They did what he dreams he had the ability to do. That’s why I think he admires Putin so much too (in addition to the fact that he wishes he could do what Putin has done, essentially become dictator-for-life and use his position in the government to enrich himself to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars). And then there’s the fact that Khashoggi was a journalist, an “enemy of the people” in Trump’s Stalinist formulation. No wonder he doesn’t care that he was murdered.

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