Tucker Carlson’s Inane Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Tucker Carlson’s Inane Attacks on Planned Parenthood October 15, 2018

Tucker Carlson now has Planned Parenthood in the sights of his idiotic rhetoric, attacking them twice recently in the most absurd of ways. First, he claimed that the group is the “leading cause of death of Americans.” Then in a story about that ridiculous witch hex on Brett Kavanaugh, he accuses them of engaging in “human sacrifice rituals.”

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Planned Parenthood kills people, literally, kills people. The leading cause of death of Americans — Planned Parenthood.

No, Tucker. Planned Parenthood saves lives, a huge number of them. They provide mammograms, cancer screenings, STD testing, pre-natal care and a range of other services, all of which protect women’s health and save their lives. Not to mention that by providing birth control to women, they make unplanned pregnancies, and thus abortions, much less common.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Well, Brett Kavanaugh went through a lot to get on the Supreme Court, including bogus charges of gang rape. But he’s there, and he’s there for life. Or that’s what you thought. The question now is is Kavanaugh’s powerful legal mind strong enough to withstand the forces of witchcraft? It’s a real question now.

A coven of self-described witches in New York is planning a rally next week to put a hex on Justice Kavanaugh. You can buy a ticket to attend the hexing ceremony for ten bucks. A quarter of that goes to Planned Parenthood to help them continue to fund their human sacrifice rituals.

Human sacrifice rituals? Seriously? What are you, 12 years old? Oh yes, of course. I remember all those times I was escorting women past the line of vicious protesters screaming at them, they’d take them into the office and everyone would gather and start to chant to the god Baal. Candles would be lit, demons summoned, unholy dances performed. It was quite the ritual. What an idiot.

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