Hannity Lies About Never Hearing of the Proud Boys

Hannity Lies About Never Hearing of the Proud Boys October 17, 2018

In the wake of the beatdown of several anti-fascist protesters by members of the group Proud Boys, Sean Hannity has tried to blame it all on the left, absurdly. But he’s also flat out lied about it, claiming that he had never even heard of the Proud Boys until this incident took place.

How do we know he was lying? Well first, he has hosted Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes on his Fox News show no less than 24 times. Is it really credible that he didn’t know about this infamous organization that McInnes had created? That he had never heard or read a single report about the many times Proud Boys have engaged in violence at rallies around the country? But we don’t have to rely on assumptions. He also hosted a member of the Proud Boys on his radio show, along with Laura Loomer — and the fact that an absolutely crackpot like Loomer would get on his show tells you just how far the fringe has been mainstreamed on the right — and she specifically mentioned the group on the show. Here’s a video documenting the lie:

I’m not sure why he bothered to tell this lie, but it’s clearly a lie. Maybe he just can’t help himself.


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