Kat Kerr Could Have Destroyed ISIS, but Didn’t

Kat Kerr Could Have Destroyed ISIS, but Didn’t October 19, 2018

Deranged con artist Kat Kerr, self-declared “weather warrior” who has failed to prevent every natural disaster she “takes command of,” spoke recently at the Gateway on Mt. Zion Church in Golden, Colorado, where she made some of the most outrageous claims imaginable. Like how she controls an army of 33 billion angels who do whatever she tells them.

“Even when the ISIS were everywhere, my favorite thing to do is I would command my hosts to go and pull down the strongholds of Satan commanding the ISIS and fear would fall on them,” Kerr said. “They began to find weapons abandoned in the desert in the Mideast. They didn’t know what happened. The ISIS would drop their weapons and run because my hosts went there, they pulled down all the demonic [powers] controlling them … They pulled down the strongholds. Those ISIS had no power from Satan because they couldn’t hear, there were removed. Fear and confusion falls on them.”…

Kerr went on to claim that when Christians learn to take proper authority over heavenly hosts, they are rewarded with an ever-increasing army of angels to command.

“I’ve been doing it probably around five years or so,” she said. “I have 33 billion that I send everywhere, all the time.”

Uh, Kat…I have a question. Why didn’t you have those 33 billion angels do that to every ISIS fighter? You could have destroyed one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups in an instant. You claim you did that for some of them, why did you stop there? Imagine all the lives you could have saved, all the forced conversions and beheadings and bombings you could have prevented. Why would you not do that if you actually had this power you claim to have. I mean, I know the answer: Because you’re so full of crap that your eyes are brown. But those slack-jawed morons at the church in Colorado apparently didn’t bother to notice this rather obvious hole in your “testimony.”

There is simply no limit to how utterly stupid a claim has to be before some group of people — in this case, millions of them around the country — won’t swallow it whole. This is how people like Trump get elected, because we have millions and millions of voters who will buy into any lie, any ridiculous claim, any unhinged conspiracy theory, no matter how inane it is. Seriously, watch these people shout and cheer “amen” while she spews this nonsense.

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