Starnes Wants Refugees Treated Like an Invading Army

Starnes Wants Refugees Treated Like an Invading Army October 22, 2018

The terminally stupid and bigoted Todd Starnes of fake news is all-in for Trump’s anti-immigrant (also anti-rule of law and anti-human rights) agenda. He thinks Trump should use the military to prevent 4000 Honduran refugees from coming to this country, calling them an “invading force.” Along the way, he literally gets every single thing wrong about the issue.

“There is a group of 4,000—I want to call them militant Hondurans, and the reason why is they’re about to invade our country,” Starnes said. “There was a time in American history when if you had a group of people all from one country coming into another country without their permission, crossing their border, that was an act of war, but now it’s just, ‘Howdy do. Here’s some food stamps. Here’s some free healthcare for you. Oh, and by the way, here’s your registration card for the Democrat Party.’”

One paragraph and every single claim is false. There was a time, not so long ago, when we bragged about how America was the place everyone wanted to be, when we were proud of the fact that so many people wanted to come here for freedom and economic opportunity because the places they often came from were mired in poverty, violence and oppression. Now bigots like Starnes want more violence and oppression visited on those people. And uh, Todd? They aren’t eligible for food stamps. Or free healthcare. Or to vote. Four lies in one paragraph. Your hero Donald Trump would be so proud of you!

There’s just this one little problem: Both federal law and international law guarantees these people the right to apply for political asylum or refugee status. The irony is that lying bigots like Trump and Starnes pretend that by violating the law, they’re upholding the law. Imagine how bigoted or ignorant one would have to be to think that a few thousand desperate people willing to literally risk their lives to escape a horrible situation, who come here seeking to make a better life for their children, are an invading army trying to destroy the country. You don’t have to imagine it. You just have to turn on Fox News.

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