The Humiliation of Ted Cruz is Now Complete

The Humiliation of Ted Cruz is Now Complete October 23, 2018

Trump went to Texas for that long-awaited rally for Ted Cruz, which was supposed to be at the biggest stadium in the state but wasn’t even close to that. After repeatedly insulting and threatening his wife, claiming his father helped kill JFK and naming him “Lyin’ Ted,” Trump is now disingenuously praising him while Cruz genuflects and grovels.

“We had our little difficulties. But actually if you remember in the beginning it was a love fest,” said Trump of Cruz, who famously refused to endorse him at the Republican National Convention in 2016. “Then it got nasty. And then it ended, and I’ll tell you what: Nobody has helped me more.”…

In remarks before he left Washington for Texas, Trump said he had come up with a new nickname for Cruz: “He’s not Lyin’ Ted anymore. He’s Beautiful Ted. I call him Texas Ted.”

Really? He suddenly, magically, stopped lying? Or did you not mean that in the first place? This is just classic Trump — if he’s against you, you’re the world’s most horrible person; if he needs you for something, you’re the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the earth. Nothing has to change between the first and second claims at all, of course, other than Trump’s political interests in the moment. He couldn’t possibly care any less whether either the over-the-top praise or the over-the-top criticism is true or not, all that matters is that it’s useful. And he made that absolutely obvious in this exchange with a Politico reporter on his way to the rally:

It worked. He beat Cruz. That’s all that matters to him. He doesn’t care even the tiniest little bit whether it’s true or not. He’ll gleefully implicate someone’s father in one of the most infamous and notorious murders in American history if he thinks it will help him somehow. And Cruz, being the little lickspittle that he is, will bow and scrape and pretend it’s all okay because he thinks that will benefit him politically too. And frankly, watching him do that is worth the price of admission. Lick those boots, Ted. Shine em up real good with your tongue. Let your wife get in on some of that action too, since Trump insulted her in a very personal manner during the campaign. Show everyone what a spintless little butt-kissing weasel you truly are.

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