How Kind, Decent People Treat Refugees

How Kind, Decent People Treat Refugees October 27, 2018

The Washington Post reports that all along the way through Southern Mexico, as thousands of Hunduran refugees make their way to the United States, people from the small towns they’re passing through are lining up to give them water, food, clothing and medical supplies. It’s inspiring to see.

Who is financing the caravan? There is no sign here of George Soros or the Russians. Instead, the responsibility of feeding, clothing and sheltering several thousand migrants has been embraced by the small Mexican towns along the route, with residents jumping into charity mode as if they are responding to a natural disaster. It was hard to walk a block in this town without seeing crates of free bottled water, tables packed with ham and cheese tortas or relief stations filled with medical supplies donated by the community to help the people on this grueling march.

“We’re supporting them 100 percent,” Rafael Trinidad, a municipal employee, said as he passed out sandwiches to migrants arriving along the main road. “At least here, they can feel good.”…

Outside her family’s hardware store, Coqui Cortez, 57, had set up a table to feed migrants lemon tea and stew, using meat from her son’s butcher shop. Down the street, her daughter was handing out fruit.

“My family has been very blessed,” Cortez said. “And we know that we are all brothers. What God gives us, we should share.

“But we do it with a lot of love,” she added…

Mexican nuns who have volunteered during earthquakes, tsunamis and floods flew down from Guadalajara to join the caravan. They have been treating migrants for severe sunburns and swollen, blistered feet.

“Mexican people always unite in these types of situations,” said Virginia Hernandez, 32, one of the sisters. “Our Honduran brothers are in great need.”

A great example of Christians actually following the clear teachings of the Bible rather than ignoring them. There are dozens of verses in the Bible commanding them to treat foreigners among them the same as they would their own family, to show them love and kindness and to clothe and feed them. Donald Trump, alleged super-Christian, and his Christian right sycophants conveniently ignore all of those verses because they are blatant hypocrites whose religious beliefs are really just a cudgel with which to beat their political opponents, not a serious theological or ethical position.

And it isn’t just Christianity that demands that these people be treated well. In the Eastern traditions, karma would also demand it. And among Muslims, charity is one of the five pillars of the religion. And it is a core principle of secular humanism as well. It’s shat any kind, decent person would do if they have the capacity to help. But kindness and decency is a foreign concept to the right, at least when it comes to the official list of people they hate, a list that includes immigrants, especially of the non-white variety.

They are interested in power and that is all they’re interested in. And how do you get political power? Through demagoguery. By ginning up fear of an invading horde and tapping into the bigotry and xenophobia that has always been near the core of this nation’s identity.

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