Ooh, a New Bizarre Conspiracy Theory on the Bombings from Liz Crokin

Ooh, a New Bizarre Conspiracy Theory on the Bombings from Liz Crokin October 30, 2018

Liz Crokin, one of the leaders of the Q Anon conspiracy nuts, has a fresh take on the attempted assassinations of 14 prominent Trump critics. While most of the right-wing crackpots continue to claim it was a false flag meant to make Trump and his followers look bad, Crpokin thinks Trump might have been behind the whole thing to cover up the imminent rounding up of that non-existent global pedophile ring led by Soros, the Obamas and the Clintons.

During an appearance on “The SGT Report” on Friday, Crokin suggested that the rash of mail bombs may have been nothing more than a brilliant cover story designed to give the military time to get in place to carry out the coming wave of mass arrests (Crokin is convinced that President Trump will soon begin to round up thousands of political, business, and entertainment industry leaders for their supposed involvement in “the rape, torture and sacrifice of children.”)

“Their false flags are getting so poorly orchestrated and executed that part of me wonders if this is a white hat operation,” she said. “This is a white hat operation to get the National Guard and the military in the major cities, to not raise too many red flags and not to cause too much chaos and too much concern to prepare people for the mass arrests.”

“If this truly is a deep state false flag, it is so poorly done,” Crokin added, “it’s so hard for me to believe that they’re that stupid … The whole narrative is falling apart before it even started and part of me just can’t believe these people are that stupid.”

Funny how those mass arrests are always just this close to happening. Trump is forever just on the verge of springing his trap and arresting thousands of liberals who are involved in child trafficking (there’s even a camp for these children on Mars — seriously, there is no limit to how idiotic these claims can be). And yet it never happens. And it never will. I can’t wait to hear the excuses when Trump leaves office without having rounded all these people up and executed them after military tribunals.

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