Wiles: If Democrats Win, They’ll Slaughter Christians. Yes, Again.

Wiles: If Democrats Win, They’ll Slaughter Christians. Yes, Again. October 30, 2018

It’s been weeks since Rick Wiles last predicted that liberals are going to round up Christians and slaughter them, so he was way overdue. This time it’s because of the midterm elections. If the Democrats win in the midterms, you see, their “Marxist-communist Antichrist revolution” will start killing Christians en masse.

“This Marxist-communist Antichrist revolution that is in full bloom in the United States of America, this thing is anti-Christian,” Wiles said. “They hate God. These people are against God. These people love to abort babies. They love to promote sexual immorality. Everything that drives them is in opposition to God and his moral laws. That is the centerpiece of their agenda.”

“Every nation that has been taken over by Marxist-communists, they immediately kill the pastors,” he warned. “They immediately kill Christians. They immediately burn the churches. Why? Because the cross is their enemy. Do not be fooled by what’s happening in America. The anarchists in America, their enemy is not the Republican Party. Their enemy isn’t corporations. Their enemy is the church. They’re coming against the church and I’ve been warning people for years and years and years—you better get ready, you better be prepared, if these people ever get power, they’re going to slaughter tens of thousands of pastors, tens of thousands of Christians.”

“They will spill blood in America,” Wiles added. “That is their purpose. That is their objective.”

No, really. This time there really is a wolf and he’s making the sky fall. Never mind the 1800 times I’ve predicted this very same thing in the past, just listen to me now. It’s going to happen. Fool me once, shame on your. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool vast numbers of morons for years on end? Gotta be a wingnut.


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