Wallnau: Bombs Were Demonic Attempts to Suppress Christian Vote

Wallnau: Bombs Were Demonic Attempts to Suppress Christian Vote October 31, 2018

Official Trump bootlicker Lance Wallnau told a church congregation that Cesar Sayoc, the guy who sent bombs to 14 prominent Trump critics, was possessed by demons who made him mail the bombs in order to keep Christians from supporting the Republican party and Donald Trump.

“They were all sent to processing centers, they weren’t sent to personal addresses,” Wallnau falsely claimed. “You know why? Because processing centers can pick them up and find them and the bombs themselves were not designed, really, to hurt anyone.”

“The guy who was doing the pipe bombs was possessed,” he added. “The principalities and powers are desperate to try to kill the momentum of people that are in the movement that are helping Donald Trump withstand the destruction of America. And so the media is facilitated and blessed by cycles of demonic manifestation because they will spin it in order to discourage good people from feeling confident about supporting their cause.”

I kind of wish I had some non-existent celestial bad guy to blame everything on whenever it’s convenient to do so. Of course, you have to get a whole bunch of people to believe in it too, which is why it usually requires religion to make it popular.


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