Trump Voter: Soros Controls the Voting Machines!

Trump Voter: Soros Controls the Voting Machines! November 1, 2018

MSNBC interviewed a typical Trum voter at a rally in Florida and she uncorked a doozy of a conspiracy theory, claiming that George Soros controls all the voting machines. So she voted by paper ballot rather than using the machines. Um, does she know that paper ballots are still counted by machine?

“First of all, I’m a Republican and I follow Donald Trump,” Catherine explained. “And I believe in all of his values. And I believe in his foresight for the United States of America. And I’m hoping to keep the Republican Party strong so that we can continue on to 2020.”

“And also I want to say, I did paper voting because I don’t trust George Soros,” the woman added, “who has funded all of these voting machines. I believe them to be corrupt. And so I feel more confident with the paper vote, which was already done.”

Okay, I have a question: If Soros controls all the voting machines in Florida, and presumably everywhere else, how did Trump get into office? Logic! It’s your friend. Or it could be if you weren’t a blithering idiot.

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