Klayman Pushing Conspiracy About Cesar Sayoc

Klayman Pushing Conspiracy About Cesar Sayoc November 2, 2018

Larry Klayman has never seen a ridiculous conspiracy theory about his political enemies that he didn’t swallow whole and spit back out at his supporters, so it’s hardly surprising that he’s pushing the claim that Cesar Sayoc was paid off by Democrats to send bombs to 14 Trump critics and Democratic leaders.

“We need to look into this,” Klayman said. “I think he may have been put up to do this. I think he may have been paid off by the Democrats or people like that. The guy is not too smart. He’s a former stripper, he’s a former bodybuilder and wrestler—some people are smart who do that, but he doesn’t seem too bright—and he could have been manipulated and I think there needs to be more disclosure to the America people as to who this guy is.”

“Some people have theorized this guy was a patsy, that he was put up to this,” he added. “It certainly came at a very opportune time, going in to the midterm elections.”

Well gee Larry, you’re not too smart. Does that mean Democrats are paying you to make Republicans look ridiculous? I mean, by your own “logic,” that should be looked into, right?

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