Crokin’s Excuse for the Failure of ‘Red Tsunami’ Predictions

Crokin’s Excuse for the Failure of ‘Red Tsunami’ Predictions November 14, 2018

We’ve heard from Kat Kerr, Mark Taylor and Bill Mitchell with their excuses for why the “red tsunami” they predicted didn’t happen, now let’s hear from their fellow crackpot, Liz Crokin. She has a fresh new take on it — the Republicans let the Democrats win so they could expose rampant voter fraud.

“What ended up happening on election night is they—the good guys—let the Democrats steal the House,” she said. “And they let them steal the House so they could expose the voter fraud, which is exactly what’s happening. Again, I didn’t understand what was happening on election night. I thought for sure that we had control of the voter fraud and that we would see that the Republicans swept and we had a red tsunami. Well, we did have a red tsunami, but they let the Democrats win so they could expose the election fraud and that’s exactly what President Trump and the good guys are doing.”

Crokin, who is convinced that Trump will soon unleash a wave of mass arrests, went on to assert that lots of elected Democrats will be among those who are arrested, which will unilaterally give Republicans complete control of Congress once again.

“The majority of the people that have sealed indictments are Democrats,” she bellowed. “So even if they did legitimately win the House—which they didn’t—but let’s just say that they did, it’s a moot point; they’re all going to get arrested anyways. So the House will go red, no matter what. So any way you look at it, it is going to work out in our favor. You just have to have faith and patience. Period.”

Oh yes, you must have faith and patience. Endless faith and patience. And you have to be completely incapable of rational thought. And you have to be utterly delusional. That’s all it takes to see the “truth” of these prophecies. After all, the lord does work in mysterious ways, right? These excuses just crack me up. Let me offer a different explanation: None of these people are even tenuously connected to reality on Planet Earth. They live in an alternate universe. That’s why their predictions about the actual universe never come true.

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