Trump: The Secret Service Made Me Do It

Trump: The Secret Service Made Me Do It November 14, 2018

So now Trump is blaming the Secret Service for his failure to show up for memorial services for American World War I veterans who died in action. He says they told him he couldn’t go and he tried to take a car — honest, he did! — but they wouldn’t let him do that either.

And yet somehow — miraculously, it appears — every single other world leader there managed to get to their memorial events in the same weather and a similar distance away. And Chief of Staff John Kelly and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff somehow managed to make it through that terrible monsoon to get there. The only one who couldn’t make it was you. Are you like that Peanut’s character with the cloud following him and raining on him and only him?

And what’s the excuse for not going to Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day on Monday, as every other president has done? That’s just a short drive from the White House. Other presidents have attended those event in the pouring rain, including your predecessor, Barack Obama. But you somehow couldn’t be bothered. Perhaps you prefer soldiers who didn’t die in war, to paraphrase your outrageous insult aimed at John McCain. Or perhaps you just don’t give a damn about the troops or about the duties of the office you hold. You’ve shown that a thousand times over now.

Trump, as usual: “It’s everyone’s fault but mine!”

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