Trump’s Ridiculous Attacks on Macron

Trump’s Ridiculous Attacks on Macron November 14, 2018

After French President Emanuel Macron made a speech on Armistice Day decrying the explosion of nationalist sentiment, Trump is now throwing a tantrum on Twitter, attacking him with all kinds of hypocritical and a-historical nonsense. Leave it to Trump to conduct diplomacy on freaking Twitter.

So let me get this straight. You whine incessantly about Europe not paying enough for its own defense and America having to do it through NATO, and demand that every country in NATO increase its spending on defense, then when Macron suggests doing exactly that, you’ll attack him for it? That makes sense, in that alternate reality you live in. What it comes down to is that Trump views himself as a Mafia don, he thinks NATO is a protection racket — “Beeyootiful country you have there. Be a shame if something happened to it” — and is demanding that they pay up.

And this old xenophobic argument about us rescuing France in World War II is the kind of thing you expect out of your idiotic, drunk uncle at Thanksgiving when someone passes him a croissant, not something you expect a president to say. And of course, he ignores the other side of it — without France, we’d still be British citizens under the Crown. We would not have won the Revolutionary War without the efforts of Lafayette and France. Just more juvenile, simpleminded idiocy from our toddler-in-chief.

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