Wingnut: God’s Going to Release Cures for Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease

Wingnut: God’s Going to Release Cures for Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease November 16, 2018

Hank Kunneman, a crackpot preacher from Nebraska, says that God’s compassion is going to pour out upon us in the wake of the massacre at the Tree of Life temple in Pittsburgh and he’s going to release cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease that have been withheld from us due to some mysterious “bureaucracy.”

“Laugh if you may, mock if you may,” proclaimed Kunneman, “God says, ‘You cannot stop me. Therefore listen, at the place of Pittsburgh, the Tree of Life, look closely, there is something of life that is going to come now, for their blood speaks.”

“God says, ‘There has been a signing into law, those who have been afflicted but can find no cure, no help, that medical cures that are out there, that exist, but they’ve been stopped through bureaucracy, they’ve been stopped through politics, they’ve been stopped through legislation,’” he said. “The spirit of God says, ‘My compassion now, you’ll see it this week in the midterm elections, and you’re going to see it as you turn into a new year. My compassion shall outweigh your politics.’”

Kunneman prophesied that President Trump would “join hands” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring to the world “medical cures and scientific discoveries” that have been created in Israel.

“God says, ‘Watch as cancer shall be known as a thing of the past,’” Kunneman declared. “‘Alzheimer’s, diabetes shall be known as a thing of the past,’ says the Lord. ‘Watch! Their blood is not in vain. And watch my compassion,’ says the spirit of God.”

Uh…so how exactly would that mean their blood is not in vain? God could have released those cures at any time, right? After all, he is omniscient! But he waited until a bunch of people were murdered to do it. I think that makes God an accessory, doesn’t it? And since he could have done the same thing without waiting for them to be murdered, their blood is still in vain — and wasted at the whim of a mad man deity. Honestly, how does anyone believe something this stupid?

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