Wingnut Blames Immigrants for California Wildfires

Wingnut Blames Immigrants for California Wildfires November 18, 2018

End times crackpot Paul McGuire makes the utterly ridiculous argument that California’s inability to put out raging wildfires yet is due to the lack of money from all the spending for immigrants, who are, of course, all just violent men looking to come here to “rape, murder, destroy and take over America.”

McGuire said that we cannot “allow people into our nation who are possible criminals, gang members, and God knows what,” asserting that the caravan is filled with “endless rows of military-aged males of fighting age, many of them angry, belligerent, cursing America and everything else.”

“I’ll tell you what Jesus would do,” McGuire continued. “He wouldn’t allow criminals, rapists, violent gang members to come in and to rape, murder, destroy and take over America.”

“You’re spending these enormous sums of money to feed, clothe, educate, house, provide medical care to all these migrants,” he added. “That sounds noble and decent, but now you have no money left over to prepare—geographically, Southern California and other regions—[for] either physical storms or these incredible fires. So now you have homes being destroyed, lives being destroyed, and everything else because you don’t have anything left over in your budget to take care of America and American families because you spent all your money taking care of people from another nation.”

“That’s not loving, that’s stupid” McGuire declared. “We don’t bankrupt ourselves by spending all the money on many people who want to see the overthrow of the United States. We don’t make ourselves broke taking care of their needs while we ignore the needs of people in our nation.”

Oi vey. Let’s start with a dose of reality. Those refugees coming here are mostly families, women and children. And there is no evidence whatsoever that they are gang members, rapists or murderers. Or that their goal is to “overthrow the United States” or “take over America.” This is pure paranoid delusion, backed up with no evidence at all. It’s classic demagoguery.

Then let’s point out something else: state government spending has nothing at all to do with putting out the fires. California, in fact, has massive budget surpluses, projected to be a record $14 billion in this fiscal year. They have all the money they need to fight the fire, which is raging out of control and incredibly difficult to stop because of weather conditions — a longtime drought and high winds, among other things — that are entirely natural. They do not lack the money to do everything they can to fight it, which is exactly what they’re doing.

This is just incredibly dishonest fear-mongering based on lies and myths, convincing only to bigots who are looking for a pretext that makes it look like they have real, non-racist reasons for their position. But they don’t.

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