Wingnut: God Will Not Bless America Because Democrats Won Midterms

Wingnut: God Will Not Bless America Because Democrats Won Midterms November 19, 2018

Texas megachurch preacher Ed Young, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, says that because the Democrats are “basically Godless,” God will not bless America anymore now that they had success in the midterms and took control of the House of Representatives. Rick Wiles, who said God would destroy America for reelecting Obama in 2012, could not be reached for comment.

The Democratic Party is “basically godless,” a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention said in defeat on election night.

Pastor Ed Young of Houston is not the only pastor saying that.

The leader of the Houston-based Texas Pastor Council, Republican anti-LGBT rights activist Dave Welch, wrote in a Friday commentary that Young is right — secular Democrats are a “godless party” that embraces legal abortion and “moral anarchy.”

Another pastor who leads prayer services in the Texas Capitol, Bob Long of prophecy-driven Rally Call Ministries, wrote before the election that he had a vision of a demonic attack on the election by “supernatural evil.”…

But Young took it out of context, telling the Republican gathering the Democratic Party is “no longer a party. It’s some kind of religion that is basically godless, and as long as America — and this is represented by every Democrat I know — does not believe in the sacredness of the life in the mother’s womb, God will not bless America or make us a great nation.”

Here’s what I find amusing and absurd. When liberals criticize America over issues like poverty and bigotry, the right goes berserk and calls us “anti-Americans” who hate our country. But when they rail endlessly about America being evil for allowing abortion and homosexuality, they don’t think of themselves that way. It’s only anti-American to criticize the country on issues where they disagree, it seems. The lack of self-awareness and the hypocrisy stinks to high heaven (yes, pun intended).

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