Crokin: CA Wildfires Set to Destroy Evidence of Pedophilia Ring

Crokin: CA Wildfires Set to Destroy Evidence of Pedophilia Ring November 20, 2018

The ability of crackpot conspiracy theorists to incorporate absolutely anything into the conspiracies they obsess over is really quite remarkable. Liz Crokin, one of the leading Q Anon advocates who thinks Trump is going to bust up a global pedophile ring led by Hillary Clinton — any minute now, really. Stop laughing. It’s gonna happy any minute, you’ll see — does that with the California wildfires.

Right-wing “journalist” and Trump–worshiping conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on “The McFiles” program last night, where she and host Chris McDonald alleged that the wildfires that are currently ravaging California were set intentionally in order to destroy evidence that those in the entertainment industry are engaged in widespread pedophilia.

Crokin singled out actor Rainn Wilson, who was among the celebrities who had to evacuate their homes as the fire approached Malibu.

“This man, I started doing some research on him,” Crokin said. “Guess what? He’s involved with a charity in Haiti. Any celebrity that is involved with ‘work’ in Haiti, you had better believe they’re involved in child sex trafficking, okay? So the guy who openly talks about cannibalism, eating babies, and raping babies and who just happens to be involved in a charity that allegedly helps kids in Haiti; now Rainn, ironically—not ironically—guess what? His house is one of the houses that was burned down the other day. Guess what? A lot of people who are up to their eyeballs in child sex trafficking have had their homes burn down. Burning evidence much? I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

And she says they don’t care how many people they kill with their nefarious plans because the dead people are just “sacrifices to Moloch.” I try not to use terms like crazy or insane anymore, but people like Crokin make it difficult. She’s just so clearly deranged and detached from reality that it’s almost mind-blowing.

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