How Much do White Supremacists Love Tucker Carlson? Let Us Count the Ways

How Much do White Supremacists Love Tucker Carlson? Let Us Count the Ways November 25, 2018

Media Matters had someone listen to countless hours of white supremacist and neo-Nazi podcasts where the hosts praised Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for selling a sanitized version of their racist ideology. They recognize that he can’t be totally open about it, but also hear the call of the dog whistles. From the show The Daily Shoah (Shoah means Holocaust):

Host Jesse “Sven” Dunstan: Carlson “basically does a ‘blood and soil’ but without the ‘blood,’ if you catch my drift.” While discussing a Politicon debate between Carlson and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uyguyr, Dunstan said during an episode aired on October 22 that it’s “understandable that Tucker can’t just be like, ‘Well yeah, Sieg Heil,’” but that he had hinted his sympathies to extremism by bringing up the narrative of demographic displacement of white people. Co-host Alex McNabb agreed, saying Carlson was “doing civic Nazism.” [10/22/18]

On the same episode, Dunstan called Carlson “the new NazBol Republican.” “Nazbol” refers to National Bolshevism, a far-right fascist movement with Russian origins associated with Nazism. According to Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, Carlson “went “full Eric Striker” while discussing how Google is a threat to Americans’ privacy during the debate (Erik Striker is a frequent contributor to neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.) Host Alex McNabb later suggested a presidential ticket of “Tucker Carlson- Eric Striker 2020.” McNabb had also gushed over Carlson saying, “my man crush on Tucker is just like, increasing.”

There are many, many more examples. You can sanitize it, you can put a thin veneer of civility over it, but the core is clearly white supremacist ideology.

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