When Even Jeanine Pirro Thinks You’re Too Extreme

When Even Jeanine Pirro Thinks You’re Too Extreme November 29, 2018

Imagine being so extreme in your anti-immigrant views that even Jeanine Pirro thinks you’re going too far. Now imagine being Ann Coulter. Now go take a shower and scrub real good. Coulter went on Pirro’s show and basically suggested that our military invade Mexico and kill the immigrants seeking asylum.

Credit: MiguelB

During the show, Coulter argued that U.S. soldiers “can shoot invaders,” adding that if they couldn’t shoot them in the United States they could “go one yard into Mexico.” When host Jeanine Pirro pushed back, stating, “Ann, we can’t invade Mexico. … We certainly can’t cross the border to shoot them up over there,” Coulter responded, “Reagan invaded Grenada, and Grenada was far less of a threat to Americans.” She also stated that even if judges would try to prevent Trump from allowing soldiers to shoot at migrants or invade Mexico, “that’s not a reason not to try it.”

When you go too far for Jeanine Pirro on this subject, you’re so far into the stupidosphere that there’s no coming back. But we shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same person who says America should invade all non-Christian countries, kill their leaders and forcibly convert the population to Christianity. Maybe this is what she needs to achieve orgasm, but innocent people shouldn’t die for her sick pleasure.

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