Another Absurd Rationalization for Failed ‘Red Wave’ Predictions

Another Absurd Rationalization for Failed ‘Red Wave’ Predictions November 30, 2018

Gerard Lameiro bills himself as one of the foremost experts on politics, which you know is true because he spends all his time on Christian TV networks. He was one of the many wingnuts who predicted a “red wave” in the midterms and, like the others, he’s come up with a ridiculous rationalization for being wrong.

Lameiro, who brags about having been called “America’s #1 Political Analyst” and the “Nostradamus of Political Elections,” repeatedly declared that Democrats were “campaigning under a delusional paradigm” by attacking President Trump, and guaranteed that Democrats would lose the midterms while Republicans continued their success in “building a conservative era.”

Lameiro declared that the Democrats “were on the verge of extinction” and that the midterms would show “the blue bubble bursting,” resulting in “Trump policies passing in the House and the Senate like we haven’t seen before,” especially once Rep. Jim Jordan took over as House Speaker.

Oh….so close. Of course, the exact opposite happened and now he’s chosen a familiar excuse: It really did happen, but in a totally different way than what he predicted.

“The bottom line is Trump won the House by cleaning out a lot his opposition,” Lameiro claimed while appearing on TheDove TV yesterday. “There were at least 30 people who opposed Trump who lost their seats, and Trump gained an awful lot of seats, maybe 30 seats of people that are more conservative who support him and will support him moving forward. I think this is a win for Trump—I don’t think people see it because the House changed hands, but I think that’s a temporary two-step process of: eliminate establishment Republicans, elect conservative Republicans. That will happen in 2020.”

“I have this problem sometimes with forecasts,” he added, “I’m a few years ahead. I look pretty far ahead in my forecast models and I really think my forecast model is going to fit perfectly for 2020.”

A man ahead of his time. Given the endless credulity of his target audience, he won’t lose a single follower from this.

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