Loomer Handcuffs Herself to Twitter Headquarter Doors

Loomer Handcuffs Herself to Twitter Headquarter Doors November 30, 2018

Laura Loomer, a right-wing crackpot on the Liz Crokin legal who endorsed a white supremacist for mayor of Toronto, was banned by Twitter recently for her constant hateful rhetoric. She’s responded by handcuffing herself to the doors of the Twitter headquarters, where police and the company seem happy to let her sit there as long as she wants.

Earlier this afternoon, alt-right Jewish commentator Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the front doors of Twitter’s New York headquarters, while wearing a Yellow Star and carrying a bullhorn and a number of printed-out tweets. She says she’s demonstrating in protest of the alleged shadowbanning of conservatives on the social media platform, and the “double standard” of allowing figures like anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to remain on the site.

“Twitter is upholding sharia when they ban me for tweeting facts about sharia law,” Loomer shouted early on in a Periscope live stream that kicked off around 3:45PM ET Thursday. “I’m here today to stand in solidarity with the millions of conservatives around the world who have been silenced,” she added, referencing previous far-right figures who have been deplatformed, including Chuck Johnson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones.

The police say they won’t remove her unless the company says to do so and Twitter said they have no plans to press charges. Perfect response. Let her sit there freezing and ranting and raving as long as she wants. Eventually she’ll get tired and leave.

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