Historian Again Eviscerates D’Souza

Historian Again Eviscerates D’Souza December 1, 2018

Historian Kevin Kruse has been criticizing Dinesh D’Souza’s many distortions about American history and his latest criticism once again show just how utterly dishonest D’Souza is. He did it in a long Twitter thread about D’Souza’s claim that there was no racist “southern strategy” by Republicans. Here’s what he’s responding to, cued up to the relevant portion:

Kruse begins his debunking:

Read the whole thread, he really does just blast D’Souza’s argument to bits and shows how he consistently distorts the facts of history to fit the argument he want to make.

"It's "send me money to pray prey on it ...FTFY"

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"Now you're confused. It's "send me money to pray on it so you'll understand.""

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"Pray on it, and you'll understand."

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